KARLIE BOOKER, Certified Personal Trainer


As a trainer, I am passionate about the science behind programming, the benefits of exercise, and keeping people safe.  I am driven by the success of my clients, not only by the physical strength they gain, but by the confidence and empowerment they discover on their own fitness journey.


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I have always been really active and enjoy the outdoors, but my love for sports at a young age is what fueled my passion for fitness. In high school, I took every PE class provided and through these beginner years of strength training, I was almost always the only female in the gym. I soon realized that helping others who are new to the gym became very fulfilling.

In college, I had the unique opportunity to compete in both track and soccer. While balancing, personal training, running track, and playing soccer, I earned my undergraduate degree in Exercise Sports Science. My experience as a dual sport NCAA athlete made a huge impact on my fitness journey when it came to mastering fundamentals and form.

In graduate school, I was able to run track and became the assistant strength and conditioning coach for the women’s soccer team.

What I love most about being a coach is seeing the progression of people falling in love with movement and exercise.  I love to see people enjoy working out and get excited about both small and big wins.  Above all, my faith is important to me and I feel like it adds another layer to my fitness journey.  Now let’s go!

What my clients say about me?
“Online coaching with Ally has transformed my relationship with fitness”

The personalized workouts are making me feel stronger and more confident in the gym. I was able to work with Ally to figure out the best approach to take with my nutrition. Learning how to track my macros has improved my relationship with food, I no longer feel out of control or the need to restrict.  I have a constant support system and friend!

Kate S.
“Working with Ally has been amazing!”

She made me a fun but challenging workout and nutrition plan tailored to my goals. She encouraged me to push myself and gave me the tools and support I needed to succeed. I feel healthy and strong and am already seeing great progress!

Amanda L.
“I see great progress!”

Working with Ally has been amazing! She has given me the knowledge and resources i was missing in order to feel confident in the gym. She helped me develop a consistent workout routine and have a better relationship with food. I am seeing great progress!

Ashley S.
“Ally has exceeded my expectations as a coach”

Ally has exceeded my expectations as a coach, she went above and beyond to make sure I knew exactly what I was doing and gave me the tools I needed to do to reach my goals.

Jen H.

Personalized workout routines delivered via the app.